Huntsville Staff

Jerry O. Swanson, Certified Prosthetiist, Licensed Prosthetist, 39 Years experience
Bernice Swanson, Facility Administrator
Mike Harris, Certified Prosthetist, Licensed Prosthetist-Orthotist, 27 years experience
Eric Andrews, Certified Prosthetist, Licensed Prosthetist, Bilateral below knee amputee, 21 years experience
Brenda H. Tyler, Certified Hose Fitter, Register Fitter Mastectomy, Register Orthotic Fitter, 17 Years experience
Chandra S. Elkins, Certified Hose Fitter, Register Fitter Mastectomy, 10 Years experience
Kevin R. Elkins, Licensed Prosthetic Assistant, 10 Years experience

Alabama Orthotics & Prosthetics, Inc.
2100 Franklin Street
Huntsville, Al 35801
Phone: 256.536.5625


At Alabama Orthotics and Prosthetics, Inc. it is our goal to ensure our patients get the best care possible. We have been a part of the medical community in the Huntsville area for more than 35 years.

Our dedicated and knowledgeable staff are here to assist our patients from the moment they enter our facility. We take our jobs very seriously. Several of our staff are also our patients (i.e. they wear orthotic and or prosthetic devices) and are sympathetic to questions and concerns you may have pertaining to your orthotic/prosthetic needs. We have many years of combined experience to allow us to serve our patients in many areas. We would like all patients that we see to know that their well being is our first concern, this is not just our profession, it’s a personal and ongoing commitment.

As our motto states “Where Relationships Last a Lifetime”.

Our Location:

Alabama Orthotics & Prosthetics
2100 Franklin Street SE
Huntsville, Alabama 35801
Call: 256-536-5625